Would You Like More Time for Your Business?

We can free up time by giving you the most out of the internet. How? A wireless fibre optic broadcast from our masts, just like TV, to a dish on your building. This gives you a secure, reliable service with 99.99% uptime and a speed guarantee. All this means you can easily have 20Mb/s download and upload speeds for your business...


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Highspeed Internet makes essential business tools even FASTER!

voip voice over i p service


Slash your phone bills and experience an exciting range of features when you switch to VoIP.

solway communications offsite backup service

Off Site Backup

Protect your information by automatically saving it to a secure location separate from your office.

solway communications remote monitoring service

Remote Monitoring

Instantly know if any device connected on your network malfunctions or has any corruptions.

solway communications video confrencing service

Video Conferencing

Look and listen to colleagues or clients half a world away, saving you time, energy and money.

office 360 from solway communications

Office 365

Use the power of MS Office online. Share documents, spread sheets and projects around the world.

solway communications cloud storage service

Cloud Storage

Your information can be at your fingertips whether you're in the office or on a different continent.


  • peter ovens

    Peter Ovens - Belle Vue School

    Peter Ovens is the Headteacher for Belle Vue Primary School in Carlisle. He joined up because we could give him a better deal - saving the school thousands of pounds and giving them a faster service. They needed a service faster than standard packages, which was no trouble at all.

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  • alex spiers

    Alex Spiers

    Alex Spiers is a student who lives at home with his parents. Like most students, he spends a lot of time online - chatting with friends, watching videos, online gaming and streaming music. Occasionally he also does some work!

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  • carol wilkinson

    Carol Wilkinson

    Carol hosts and runs www.bingocams.co.uk. Her site allows people from all over the world to come and play Bingo. Therefore, the most important thing for her was a fast upload (she is streaming video to all her players live) and a connection that she could rely on.

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  • phil oxford

    Phil Oxford

    Clark Door is an international company, based outside Carlisle, that manufactures and ships specialised doors. Their products range from sound-insulated doors for studios to fireproof doors for factories. They need to have a fast and reliable internet connection to stay in touch and keep on top of orders.

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  • thom lester

    Thom Lester

    Triveritas specialise in product development and clinical studies and are experts in regulatory affairs in the Animal Heath Industry. Their problem was that, with many satellite offices around the UK, and in other countries, file-sharing is an important way to keep information flowing.

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  • chris rafferty

    Chris Rafferty

    Bowness-on-Solway is a typical Solway Primary School, paying far too much for its broadband. It got to the point that, for the kids to stay online, other services had to be cut back. So when we stepped in, and gave them an identical service for a quarter of the price, head-teacher Chris Rafferty was very relieved.

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    Colin Wishart

    Colin Wishart

    Colin Wishart runs Poppies, a cleaning service that operates throughout the UK. The Cumbria base is located a few miles outside of Carlisle, and was sometimes getting less than 1 Mb/s connection, and in wet weather, it stopped entirely!

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