Residential Broadband

A simple, straight forward internet service with speeds of up to 10Mb/s.

Residential Broadband

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Business Broadband

A high level of availability, fibre-grade, wireless internet service.

Business Broadband

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Fibre Broadband

Fibre-to-the-Premises service providing up to 1,000 Mb/s connections.

Fibre Broadband

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Basic Broadband - Free Installation

The Basic Broadband Subsidy Scheme with Solway.

Do you Qualify?

If you are in a low speed broadband area you can get help to improve the quality.

Solway Communications : High Speed Broadband

Our mission is to bring a reliable, effective internet service to Carlisle and the surrounding area. Our service is competitively priced compared to national providers, enabling us to provide our customers with a better download and upload speed.

Our service is unrestricted which enables us to provide our customers with no data caps or limits, making sure that you get what you pay for.

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